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Social responsibility

Environmental protectionLandbell
Landbell AGAt Emmerling we do our utmost to help the environment, beginning with our participation in the “green point“ system via LANDBELL (, a certified specialist in waste management. This means that all our plastic waste can be recycled and not simply disposed of under normal household waste.

Furthermore, within our company we have introduced a number of new processes to ensure that the separation and recycling of waste is possible.

For many of our smaller deliveries we have taken used “shoe cartons” from local shops which is also an important measure to reduce waste and recycle packaging that is still in a good condition.
Protecting our environment is a priority for Emmerling!

Training has a long tradition at Emmerling.

We offer an apprentice programme which trains young people to become clerical assistants with a specialisation in wholesale & foreign commerce.
Many of our apprentices continue to work for us after having completed their training – a confirmation of the fact that we are perceived to be attractive employers!

At Emmerling we regard training as a necessity!


Combining being a parent and working
We support the Lokalen Bündnis für Familie Amberg ( which means we are active in encouraging young parents to continue to work (full or part-time).
The ability to be a caring parent and still be able to work is an important issue for us. To this end we offer a number of part-time positions as well as flexible working hours. It is also possible to take an extended period of time off work with a re-employment guarantee.

Emmerling actively supports and encourages young parents!


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